For higher volume locations, we have Filtration and Reverse Osmosis Bottle Free coolers that utilize your existing water supply, passing it through a filtration process to produce the IDEAL Pure Water bottle quality your are looking for!

Filtration Systems

Filtration Coolers

Carbon filters use chemical absorption to remove contaminants and impurities from your water.

This method reduces chlorine, sediments, and contaminants including volatile organic compounds(VOC's).

No lease agreement required.

Cold and Room Temperature

Hot and Cold

Reverse Osmosis Coolers                                                             

Reverse osmosis filtration forces water through a special membrane that removes impurities at the "molecular" level.

Reverse osmosis filters are capable of reducing impurities, such as pesticides, fertilizers, dissolved metals like

arsenic and radium, and even bacteria, viruses, and trace pharmaceutical impurities in water.

Requires a 2-year lease agreement.

Cold and Room Temperature

Hot and Cold                    

Ideal Pure Water Filtration Systems

Ideal Pure Water is a family owned and operated company that offers home and office delivery with no installation charges!

Our filtration systems remove impurities from your drinking water, so you can be confident that it's cleaner, healthier, and it smells and tastes better. Compared to tap water, filtration enhances not only your glass of drinking water, but also your tea, coffee, juices, mixed beverages, and cooking. Ideal Pure Water makes it easy to enjoy drinking that's cool, clear, and consistently pure – and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your water is safe and clean.